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Message from Principal

Message From Principal:

Dear Parents and Guardians: Welcome to Liberty High School! LHS is a fully accredited, standards based alternative high school within the Benicia Unified School District serving students 16-18 years old in grades 10-12. Most students who attend Liberty High School enter the school behind in credits and not on track for graduation. It is the goal of the school to assist students to develop a plan and provide an opportunity for the student to graduate on time. Liberty’s credit total for graduation is 220. Teachers at Liberty High School collaborate as a professional learning community. They receive ongoing professional development to develop, implement and share "best practices." Teachers collaborate weekly to discuss students' progress and develop plans to assist students to fulfill their academic goals. There is a school wide focus on academic language and improving students' critical thinking, reading, and writing skills.

Our Mission


Liberty High School provides a safe and caring alternative learning environment that supports the development of academic, personal and social skills, enabling students to become responsible, productive members of their community.

 Liberty High School is located in the older part of the community. It is attached to the District Office. Liberty started as a continuation high school in this location in 1975-76. At that time there were several ROP programs and special grant funded programs available to the students.  There were two full-time and two part-time teachers working with a student population of thirty students ranging from Grade 9-12. This number has steadily increased to the present status of five full-time and two part-time teachers and a 25% counselor with 93+ students. The physical space limits the student enrollment. Presently we are supported by a variety of community members and organizations, assuring that our students are able to "expand their experiences" beyond the school walls.